Lockdown Blog

Our member Sue Parrish has been treating us to her weekly experiences whilst under lock down.

Chapter 1

By Sue Parrish

Today we start off way back at week one….

March 25th

Inspired by Kevin’s recent run I decided I needed “to get out there” :boom::muscle: as I really DO enjoy running, and a positive mindset is required – as currently (like you guys) we are housebound with family. OUR whole Monthly Agenda/Routine is on “hold”.  

We ran for 1hr 15mins and then did a 30 minute cool down/stretching in the back garden.  Adhering to Boris’s ONE run a day with ONE family member, I decided to take Gabriella out for a “Home School/PE Run” on tour of Shrewton Common/Rollestone Manor and Tanners Lane.  

We did amazing and I feel wholeheartedly better. We discovered a “Rainbow picture” tied to a bridge – unsure of the relevance of that – but it brightened our day! Magnificent sunny day, green space, blue skies, lots of people waving in gardens, clear roads.

Get out there everyone – lift your mindset – Do it for yourself – however short/long the run – if you are NOT essential food shopping – get exercising!  Missing you all! Be safe. Keep in touch and post any of your runs to inspire.  Happy :woman-running::skin-tone-4::man-running:

We love this Sue… Keep up the good work