Hello and welcome to Shrewton Running Club

We are a beginner friendly running club that believes in support, motivation and inspiration.

We run Tuesdays and Wednesday nights and offer a longer Sunday run.

Our surrounding area gives us the option of trail and road, and allows us to cater for beginners right up to accomplished, experienced runners. 

Welcome to the world of Run-Fun.

Recent posts from our blog….

Throw Back Thursday – Running with Shrewton

For this edition we look back to the 22nd September 2020. We hadn’t been out of Lockdown long and little did we know it, but we’d soon be locked down again….

Running with Shrewton

SRC Tuesday’s
By Lawrence

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After a steady rise up the newly laid Tarmac of Shrewton Farm, we quickly hit the “stones” and the distant left turn onto the STR. A real mind game as you dodge the uneven ground and seem unable to find any rhythm. 

All you hear is the negative chimp in your head and then you see others, as you lift your head and listen to your own advice. The ten minute rule applied and you hit a high, your arms are pumping and the calfs are loosening… They didn’t hurt! That was the negative chimp in your head trying to make you fail, and give up and walk… 

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Run / Walk and Talk for Mental Health

Walk and Talk for Mental Health

Please come and join us tonight; bring a friend or family member, or someone who you feel needs a night out.

Run or walk, or just come out for a chin wag.

Start at the Rec – Finish at the Plume of Feathers.

Throw Back Thursday – Run-Fun Day – 2020

For this edition we take a look back at Darrells review of our Run-Fun Day last year. It’s always a great day and after months of Lockdown it was just the tonic we all needed:

Run-Fun Day – 2020

By Darrell Benge

On the evening of the 9th of September lots of current club runners and quite a few new faces came together for an evening of ‘running’ and other types of general silliness.

Four of the clubs Run Leaders each came up with an activity. The evening commenced with a warm-up led by Karen. It resembled something from Monty Pythons Ministry of Silly Walks with everyone bouncing, bobbing, and skipping their way up and down Shrewton Rec field, all looking thoroughly ridiculous but getting nice and warm for the next session.

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Run and Talk for Mental Health

Please come and join us for a gentle run / walk and talk around our village. We will be visiting our local Pub afterwards for those who would like to come.

Walk and Talk for Mental Health