Lockdown Blog

Chapter 6

By Sue Parrish

May 16th

Today was the day for a “Get it Done” Run at 9:35 am

I ran from “Lockdown” to gain some much needed head clearance and essential exercise for myself.

I headed into the village and around Maddington Church and up to Maddy Woods. It was hot, and I social distanced from some dog walkers – all uphill to the barn on hard, dry ground.

With no immediate plan, I did a “hill challenge” by turning right (after the barn) got to the summit (NO cows :cow2: this time) turned abruptly round and headed back to the Plains and then ran the hill in the other direction (which was not as steep).

By now my breathing had steadied out, I was now feeling it in the legs – I remembered cadence will get me up this hill. Two police women on horseback were in the distance. 

 Such a peaceful, beautiful place to run – as most of the time I seem to run has been dire weather – this is such a pleasure albeit tough at times.

Fabulous blue skies and unusual cloud formation – so good for mental wellbeing – after being cooped up with tempestuous teenagers at times – which is accentuated by recent lockdown.  So running for me is paramount and beneficial!!

Whilst this week is going to be great weather – if you are able – grab a “window or two” and get away from life in general and treat yourself to a bimble – before life gets back to the “New Normal”. Miss all our great SRC Members and our regular training sessions – thank you to everyone for your continued support past and present.  Keep on running. Be safe :rainbow::woman-running::skin-tone-4::man-running::muscle:

We love this Sue… Keep up the good work