Throw Back Thursday – Loch Ness Marathon

For this edition we look back at the Baxters 2019 Loch Ness Marathon.

It was 6th October 2019 and long before Covid-19. The club was going from strength to strength and our members were enjoying the success of consistent training and good old fashioned Run-Fun.

Caroline posed the question in the early months of 2019…. Does anyone want to run a Marathon with me?…. And so the seed was sown.

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My Running Story – Jo F

My World Marathon Major journey (with a little help from The Jam, The Rolling Stones and Kenny Loggins)

By Jo F. 

Years ago I used to watch coverage of Paula Radcliffe running cross country races on BBC’s Grandstand whilst I lay on the sofa eating cake (I love cake). Fast forward several years – and I still found myself eating cake on the sofa glued to the TV watching Paula, but by this time she was venturing into the world of running marathons.

I needed to do something to steer myself away from the cake.

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