Running with Shrewton

SRC Tuesday’s
By Lawrence

After a steady rise up the newly laid Tarmac of Shrewton Farm, we quickly hit the “stones” and the distant left turn onto the STR. A real mind game as you dodge the uneven ground and seem unable to find any rhythm. 

All you hear is the negative chimp in your head and then you see others, as you lift your head and listen to your own advice. The ten minute rule applied and you hit a high, your arms are pumping and the calfs are loosening… They didn’t hurt! That was the negative chimp in your head trying to make you fail, and give up and walk… 

Then you are on the STR, its downhill and we pass the training team… Its socially distant hi-fives and cheers… Photos of the sunset as Autumn takes hold. 

Then we are on the Gallops…..

Off-piste and hilarious! I feel like I am on a Cross Trainer and sweating just as much… It can’t be possible to sweat this much, the tears of laughter confused by sweat. 

Wading, rather than running and fearful of snakes and who knows what might bite me… I run faster and try harder yet barely move, I find I’m giggling to myself at the most bizarre and humorous ways I have chosen to get fit…. 

SRCRunning tonight was fun…