Running with Shrewton

SRC Tuesday’s
By Lawrence

After a steady rise up the newly laid Tarmac of Shrewton Farm, we quickly hit the “stones” and the distant left turn onto the STR. A real mind game as you dodge the uneven ground and seem unable to find any rhythm. 

All you hear is the negative chimp in your head and then you see others, as you lift your head and listen to your own advice. The ten minute rule applied and you hit a high, your arms are pumping and the calfs are loosening… They didn’t hurt! That was the negative chimp in your head trying to make you fail, and give up and walk… 

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My Running Story – Carole Ford

A few years ago now I was training to walk up Snowdon with my  Nordic walking group. I needed to pencil in something to help build up my stamina for the big climb and so my running journey began.

Many of my school friends would tell you I was the first to dip out of cross country and take refuge in the nearby woodland. However here I am now just enjoying a 5k during the week and sometimes at the weekend. This was achieved by my enrolling on the couch 25k at Shrewton village.

At the end of my Couch25k I took part in Salisbury Park run with all the other club trainees. This was an amazing personal achievement and I felt fully supported by the club and their fab run leaders. In addition to this I conquered climbing Snowdon and loved every minute of it as I was fully prepared with my running and Nordic walking combined.

I run for various reasons and love the holistic well-being that comes with it. So I can now truly call myself a Shrewton Club Runner.


My Running Story – Jo F

My World Marathon Major journey (with a little help from The Jam, The Rolling Stones and Kenny Loggins)

By Jo F. 

Years ago I used to watch coverage of Paula Radcliffe running cross country races on BBC’s Grandstand whilst I lay on the sofa eating cake (I love cake). Fast forward several years – and I still found myself eating cake on the sofa glued to the TV watching Paula, but by this time she was venturing into the world of running marathons.

I needed to do something to steer myself away from the cake.

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From Park Run to Marathon

In February 2019 we had the pleasure of welcoming a guest from the USA to one of our Sunday club runs. Little did we know just how much of an impact that run would have.

Where it all began – Danny (Left) at Salisbury Parkrun Feb. 2019

Danny Sullivan was invited by Nick Sage (One of our founder members and Run Leaders) to experience the phenomenon of Parkrun, whist he was visiting the UK. Danny had never ran a Parkrun or considered running as a hobby. The following week Danny would consolidate his experience at Salisbury Parkrun with his first experience running with a club.

Since then Danny really got into running, becoming a member of Shrewton Running Club and carrying it on back home……

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