Club events

Shrewton Running Club love finding ways of making running fun, and we are constantly evolving and coming up with ways of making winning accessible to all.

As well as holding many social events throughout the calendar year, we offer our members a Champions League.

The Champions League, along with the Wiltshire Leagues, hosts a variety of club events that are focussed on rewarding club attendance and encourage individual performance and improvement. We pride ourselves as being an all inclusive club and truly believe anyone can win.

Here are some of our events;

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Our annual offering to the race community


Champions League

5k Handicap race. Held on the first Sunday of the year - A great way to shake of the mince pies.

Race against you own Mile PB on our local undulating road route - Most improved PB wins.

Popular summer and winter event. Timed splits - most consistent splits wins

We will organise a pacer and help you prepare for the day


Our beginners course - Also suited for return from injury - 8 week course with graduation at Salisbury Parkrun

Course to introduce training sessions, improve endurance and 5k time

Social runs

A popular New Years Eve event - Classic SRC Run-Fun

A Variety of runs held over the Christmas period

Casual run out to the stones for the solstice sunrise

Varying distances right to the perimeter edge of the Stones

Runs in our surrounding areas and further afield - Rotated through the members


Cross training/social ride with cake - Various routes - all abilities

Social nights

Discuss with members about anything tech related - Garmin, Strava, Hydration, nutrition, training.

A social fund raising evening at club HQ - The Plume of Feathers

Recognition of members achievements, trophy presentation, and social night

Simple social at club HQ - The Plume of Feathers - Lycra free

If you would like to know more about our club events please feel free to contact us;