Why I run with Shrewton

By Fay B.

I always admired those ‘runners’ when I saw them, I couldn’t believe how anyone could run!

I always wanted to try but never felt fit enough or confident enough, so during lockdown, I thought I’d give the C25k a go.

After my first run, I was out of breath from running 60 seconds! Never did I imagine I could run 5k straight in a million years!

I discovered SRC after a recommendation. They welcome you with open arms, no judgement, they just want you to do well.

After a few weeks I was surprised to be running 5 miles or more and feeling totally at ease, not rushed at all.

There is always someone there to help you. SRC is a great big happy family with a tremendous amount of support and encouragement.

I am so glad to be part of them.