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Shrewton Running Club – History

About us


Back in February 2016, a keen runner and Shrewton resident had an idea; seeing many people out running around the village he hoped to bring them together, by forming an informal running group. Slowly but surely local runners got to know about the group, and Shrewton Running Club was born.

During the ensuing months the club embraced “official” status and began the process of appointing officials and qualified coaching personnel.  


2016/17 was our first year competing in the Wiltshire Road Race League (WRRL) and we finished 4th in Division 2. We also held our first Couch to 5k (C25k) course for twelve, soon to be members of our newly formed club. Our Club continued to grow as word got out about what our small village club was creating. 


2017/18 we finished as runners up in division B of the WRRL and gained promotion into division 1. Our off-road season went one better that year, seeing us crowned as champions of division 2 of the Wiltshire Off-Road League (WORL), and also gaining promotion into the top flight. 

The 2017/18 season had many other successes, seeing our C25k graduates embrace the world of league races, including multi sports events such as Duathlon and Triathlon. We also had our first finisher in the London Marathon, coming from our C25k graduate scheme and having successfully won our club ballot. 


The 2019 season saw us grow further still. We held our inaugural “Shrewton Bustard 10k” a hugely successful 10k (WRRL) road race, which after a “booming” start placed us firmly in the mindset of regular racers wishing to return the following year. Having had a few years enjoying events put on by other clubs, we loved being able to provide such a successful event and support local business and charities along the way.

Shrewton Bustard 10k – Race Team


We started off our 2020 season with a new event. The “Resolution 5k Dash”, our first offering to the racing community of a 5k handicap race. We invited guests from other clubs to run alongside our members for free. The start was based on individuals personal bests with runners set off in reverse order to level the playing field and with the added incentive of kicking off the year with fitness in mind. This event also kicked off the clubs Champions League.

The club welcomed our latest intake of C25k graduates who fully embraced the Run-Fun we create, as the club prepared for the race season. Sadly the global pandemic of Covid-19 would put us in Lockdown, the C25k and our race season would go on hold. The club would become virtual for the first time and would embrace the true spirit in which we originally formed.

Whilst we couldn’t run together, we could still have Run-Fun and continued to find creative ways of running or exercising. We are a resilient bunch and always looking out for each other.


The beginning of 2021 was a tough time for everyone, the winter Lockdown had taken it’s toll and the virtual world became tedious. We just wanted to meet up and run. Hope came as restrictions were eased at the end of March, where we opened with our ‘Light at the End of The Tunnel’ month; a focus towards gentle running, friendship and mental health.

Soon organisers across the country were starting to plan events and members began setting goals. Summer came, new members and guests arrived and Parkrun was just around the corner. Fitness gains were seen both physically and mentally and Salisbury Plain once again gave sunshine to our lives. Our event calendar would begin to include anything from 5k local events to 26.2, trail, virtual and London. Across the club everyone was working to a goal and it was great to be sharing everyones experiences again…

In August the Yarnbury Yomp (Our Off Road Race) became a reality and once again we would be able to share our side of the Plain with the running community and support our local businesses and charities.

We didn’t ‘race’ much in 2021 but we certainly were a team and were looking forward to dusting our selves down and running, or racing 2022.


We started the year off with our popular Resolution 5k Dash event and quickly found ourselves forming up at the start lines of the WORL and WRRL. Numbers seemed down for these early events but it was so good to see the club colours out racing again and even more rewarding to see another sell out C25k team go on to graduate at Salisbury Parkrun.

We introduced some new events to our training calendar and adapted the Champions League to include more of the club favourites, this must have got our race game on as members, new and old, enjoyed a whopping 52 official race PB’s throughout the year and club attendance records were frequently broken. The Queens 70th Jubilee was celebrated in style with our Jubilee 5k Dash, again levelling the field with a handicap start where speedy runners would have to chase down the rest of the pack to be in with a chance… Medals for all and smiles all around.

The summer brought us out en-masse for the popular Heddington 5k series of the WRRL and the successful completion of Team Run2Paris, yes.. they ran to Paris and our epic individual full, half and relay teams for the Clarendon Marathon to name a few. From there the decision to give something back to the running community was easy… Our off-road event, the Yarnbury Yomp (YY22), was offered to the Wiltshire League and a huge sell-out success YY22 was, raising much needed cash for our local charities.

A year of seasoned runners, running or jogging alongside C25k graduates. Marathon finishers sharing run-fun with newbies, members completing their first training session or simply enjoying a jog out with like minded people… 2022 has laid the foundations for the next year and we cant wait…

Shrewton Running Club



Our club Objective is to promote an interest in the sport of running in Shrewton and the surrounding areas and to organise, arrange, and participate in running events. We aim to foster a spirit of inclusiveness, informality, fellowship and mutual encouragement between ​members​ of the club and the wider running community.


About us

Taking advantage of our location in Shrewton, we are a small, friendly, inclusive club. We welcome beginners, improvers and experienced runners alike. You don’t have to live in Shrewton to join us … we cover the Wylye Valley through to Amesbury & Tilshead and the surrounding areas..

Club Runs

Club Runs

At Shrewton Running Club our main focus is to provide an all inclusive Run-Fun environment.

Tuesday is our Club Training Night where we offer a variety of sessions each week from our Training Calendar. The Training Session is offered alongside run options*. Wednesday’s we offer a Social run / recovery run. A great opportunity to taper off and be race ready for the weekend, or simply have a social run with like minded people. Sunday’s are our longer runs of varying distance utilizing the beauty of our surrounding area.

We offer a variety of distances for all of our club runs and training sessions which include routes and speeds for all to enjoy.

The club provides opportunities for racing throughout the year, via the Wiltshire Road Race League and Wiltshire Off-Road League and our own free events within the Clubs Champions League. We also hold a variety of social runs and social events throughout the year.

Guest Members

Guest Members

We are always pleased to see new runners, whether first timers or seasoned performers. Even if you have no wish to race, you are most welcome. We have a reputation for being one of the friendliest and encouraging clubs around.

Shrewton Running Club welcomes everyone with the chance to run with us up to 6 times before joining the club formally.



Shrewton Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics (EA), the national governing body of our sport, and club members have the option to pay an additional annual fee to register with EA. Registration offers access to a wider range of events and gives discounted entry to many races.

Our club is also affiliated with Wiltshire Athletic Association and the Association of Running Clubs

We’re Here To Help

We are here to help

Whether you are starting out, learning to use technology or working towards a PB we want to help you be successful and enjoy running.

You may be aiming for increased endurance for more demanding events, such as the London Marathon? Or simply upping your own distance? Our members will help and assist you to achieve an “Anything is Possible” mindset and help to provide you the tools you need to achieve your goal.

We have qualified Run Leaders to help with training plans and also several experienced members who have completed a number of endurance or multi-sport events – all of whom are keen to show others that if you believe… You will achieve.



Alongside our Club Champions League members take part in a variety of races throughout the year. A major focus for the club is the Wiltshire Road Race League and Wiltshire Off-Road League — a popular series of low-cost races where SRC members compete alongside Runners from other local clubs. Our members also enter countless other races and events.

Couch To 5K


We also run our Couch to 5K beginners course , culminating in graduation at Salisbury Parkrun. If you are interested in getting fitter, making new friends and want to start running, our C25k course is ideal. It also suits return from injury. Please feel free to contact us for more details.