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If you would like to join our club, or renew your current membership please fill in our online form or download a printable version.

Membership Options
1Join the club and become registered with England Athletics (EA)
2Join the club and do not register with EA. With this option you will not receive the benefits of being a registered athlete but will still receive the benefits of our club affiliation to EA.
3As option one - if joining on or after 1st October
4As option two - if joining on or after 1st October

Note: You will have to register with England Athletics if you ever compete for the club in competition Under UKA Rules.

Join us or renew your membership

Once your completed membership form is submitted, we will process your details with England Athletics (EA). Successful applicants will then receive an email from EA with details about how to pay online.

Should you wish to pay by alternative means (Bacs, cheque, cash) you should contact us on receipt of the above email.

Benefits of England Athletics Registration

Join us or renew your membership

The benefits of becoming a registered athlete are many and varied.

As an England Athletics registered athlete,  you will be part of a nationwide community of athletes and runners.  

Your registration fee is used to help EA assist your club, promote the sport and potential future athletes as a whole and gives you access to a range of benefits and services.  

You will also be able to race for your club and proudly wear the ‘colours’ under UKA rules.

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Benefits of England Athletics
Club affiliation

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Shrewton Running Club
are an England Athletics affiliated Club

Join us or renew your membership

As an England Athletics affiliated club, we are able to access a range of benefits and services to help our committee and our coaches to develop the club and engage our members in a dynamic, all inclusive Run-Fun environment.

We have access to a wide network of support services, competition licensing advice and club development initiatives.

Club affiliation, alongside athlete registration form part of the UKA Rules for Competition. Eligibility to enter competitions as a club or individual requires both affiliation (club) and registration (individual).