My Running Story – Roxanne Foster

I run faster when I’m angry!

Why run??

So I never used to run for fun, no honestly I didn’t! Even the thought of it just seemed completely pointless. I used to take part in x-country at school just to make up the team , always coming in last and usually being told to get on the mini bus so all the marshals could go home!!

My turning point was when my best friend announced she was engaged – let’s face it no one wants to look at photos and think about how if they had lost a bit of weight they would have looked better. So my best friend was sporty and persuaded me to start going to the gym and running,I began to realise exercise wasn’t soo bad! Around the same time the Shrewton Running club was born, so I went along and for quite a while I was the one at the back but I kept going and now I can almost keep up!

The benefits for me are that it allows my mind to be free – I focus on running and therefore nothing else. The group is really friendly and we have a good laugh whilst trying to run and breathe!! I am no longer running to lose a bit of weight but more for fun- yes that’s right fun, also I can eat chocolate and know I’ve earned it!!