Dartmoor Crossing

By Serena Franklin

33.6 miles across Dartmoor in 30 degrees heat

2022 was not meant to be a ‘running year’ for me. I ran a lot through lockdown and loved it but, as things returned to normality, I no longer wanted to plan my weekends around running. Instead I wanted to focus on regaining some of the strength that a long-term shoulder injury had decimated. While I was still doing weekly sprint sessions and gentle runs I had no desire to push further.

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Throw Back Thursday – A look back through the scrap book #2

Salisbury 10

By Stuart Anderson

I took part in the 6th 7th and 8th Salisbury 10s in the late 80s and sadly events that took place before the internet are long forgotten. The route was similar to the event these past 25 years, except the start and finish was at Victoria Park.

When I first came to Salisbury in 1985 I was surprised there was no running track in the city! I managed to win in 1985 but I remember it being a small field of 300 not like the near thousand now.

Interesting to note… despite better kit and training support, winning times are not much different today. I have attached the journal write up from 1987.

All the best Stuart

Salisbury 10 – 30+ years on

Throw Back Thursday – A look back through the scrap book #1

By Stuart Anderson

Our very own athlete Stuart Anderson recalls his running career…

I got into running as my School backed onto Windsor Great Park, and our first PE lesson was a Cross Country run.

Year 7 en masse straight out into the park! No markers just an all out race following our teacher…

I loved it.

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