Lockdown Blog

Chapter 7

By Sue Parrish

May 27th

Today (Tuesday) was a very amazing, scenic and enjoyable run for me and also a proud achievement!! I was woken abruptly at 07:30am by my next door neighbour conducting her “Boot Camp” Zoom Channel from her back garden decking! SO very loud!!!! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::dragon_face::zap:

I planned for an early run as I knew it was going to be a “scorcher” of a day. My son who is 19, agreed to accompany me on my run – as he had invested in some running trainers and had wanted to join me for some time!

We left the house for a gentle “starter run” over The Common. However, we headed up towards “Maddy Woods”. The weather was kind with a cool breeze.  Fabulous country views again and so peaceful, away from hysteria and everyday affairs!!

Scott did his best and I encouraged him to keep going, some sips of water and he wanted to head back!! NO I said we need to keep going, persistence pays off and Scott despite feeling it was tough – found some second energy and got into a steady stride.

We went all uphill to the Black Barn (I excitedly pointed out “my hills” which I like to run up as a challenge – he was shocked (so we circumvented them – this time!!) and we then turned left and went down the long grit hill towards the Common, passing a very keen runner heading briskly past us uphill with a cheerful  “Hi!”:blush:

When we got home (1hour and 30 mins later), and some much needed cool down stretches in the garden) I could see that Scott had thoroughly enjoyed the run and his personal achievement! He was shattered – but it was great to see the beaming smile
on his face.  I think the green running spaces, fresh air and exercise definitely boost your physical and mental health.  I really do benefit from these runs – it gives me some structure, routine and most importantly, “Me Time”.

He has worked SO hard over many previous months with University Studies/Design Projects and coping with the Pandemic – consequently, he
has rested all day!!

The weather is going to be great all week guys – so enjoy it whilst it’s here!!  Get out there early!! Kick start your day. 

We love this Sue… Keep up the good work