Lockdown Blog

Chapter 3

By Sue Parrish

April 15th

Today at 08:15 I used my “daily exercise allocation” to head towards “Maddy Woods” accompanied by my youngest daughter.  

As I left our house, my son commented, “Mum you couldn’t get any brighter!” – as I was wearing yellow high viz.  The run started quite chilly and there was even frost on the hedgerows. Fantastic weather forecast so the earlier I got out the better.  Lots of birdsong and beautiful countryside.  

It was great to “get away from the Madding Crowd” and run at a steady pace.  Great to do something different for myself! It was a pleasure to run on dried earth tracks, albeit uneven in some places – but we have run in very long grass by the woods with SRC previously. 

 I met a runner pacing down the hill and we stepped back.  Another cheery dog walker practically threw herself over the hedge as we approached.  At least important “social distancing” being applied by all parties.

Fantastic green spaces and clear blue skies and no traffic – except the random tractor.  At the top of Maddy Woods the Black Barn was sectioned off with barbed wire and so we went past and turned left and ran downhill to the Common.

I took a few photos along the way – and as you can see we got the best of the weather!! We were out for 2 hours – but a well worthwhile run. We even shouted a cheery Good Day to Jane Chapman and family who were out dog walking early.  Jane also
mentioned that that she misses our SRC Group Runs.  I also have attached a Military Map which indicates all the relevant zones – ie Larkhill, Imber, Bulford – for those of you who are interested!

Make the most of the lovely Shrewton surroundings early if you can (as less people about!). Keep running. Be safe.

We love this Sue… Keep up the good work