Good luck Rich and Fiona

Friends, guests and members old and new….

One of our founder members is leaving Wiltshire and leaving behind a big gap in the running community. Rich has volunteered countless hours for the benefit of our club and the Wiltshire leagues. We wish him and Fiona all the best in their new chapter.

Here is an open letter from Rich…

An Open Letter to the Committee and Members of Shrewton Running Club

Dear Committee and Members,

To those of you who don’t know me (probably quite a few who have joined recently and just before lockdown) I am Rich, one of the founding members of Shrewton Running Club back in 2016.

I am imminently moving to York and would like to say a few words and thank yous.

Fiona and I moved to Shrewton in summer 2015 without knowing anyone here. I had been running on and off and wanted to join a club for motivation. At the time the nearest was Salisbury ARC so I went along to a few sessions.

Then in January 2016 I saw a flyer on a telegraph pole that someone called Nick was looking for people to run with on a casual basis. I turned up to find Nick and Jez in the rec car park. So we started running together and soon various others joined in. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone – Karen, Roxy, Fran, Caroline & Jerry. (see photo of first social/club inception at club HQ i.e. The Plume of Feathers – Jerry behind camera)

So from there things grew and we became an official club in November 2016.

Our first Couch 2 5k was a roaring success and from that we “acquired” Lawrence, a more dedicated and enthusiastic member and committee member you could not wish for.

Thanks to Nick’s flyer I (and my wife) have made many friends in the village and will miss you all when we go.

We have had great fun, and weathered some storms along the way, but always with good humour and keeping the needs of members and our friendly and inclusive ethos intact.

So thanks to Nick and the original bunch. Thanks also to the members that have come and gone along the way – it has been a blast.

Finally to the new members who may not know me. I really hope you have felt the Shrewton RC welcoming cuddle (virtual!) and that the ethos of the club shines through. If so, please get involved as a run leader and/or committee member or in another capacity to pass the cuddle on.

All the very best to you all.

Lots of Love.

Rich & Fi XXX

Good LuckClub Inception – at The Plume of Feathers – Club HQ