Return to running

We are delighted to see our runners returning, social distancing, and exercising whilst having Run-Fun, as we embrace week two of England Athletics restricted return.

Team Shepherd

Some of SRC C25k 2020 course (Frozen due to corona virus 2 weeks before graduation) Returning to finish the job off

We would like to give a big round of applause to our new guest members for their efforts during lockdown… Fay, and Jude for your awesome C25k achievement, and our new members Eddie and Kathy for staying consistent and keeping it going.

Fay has gone solo from start to finish, and is due to complete the C25k course tomorrow,

We think that is awesome


A big welcome back to Jo, who joined us just before lockdown, enjoying some new routes across the plain, and to our newest guest member Suzie. Joining us after some lockdown blues.

For some lockdown has opened new doors for fitness opportunity, whilst some have struggled with motivation…. Running on your own can be hard, especially when you are used to running with a group.

Struggled with motivation? Lost fitness?, or simply want to return to running? We may be just the club for you

Our Run Leaders have set up a variety of sessions, to suit all abilities and levels of fitness , and would very much like to hear from you.