Lockdown Blog

Our member Sue Parrish has been treating us to her weekly experiences whilst under lock down.

Chapter 8

By Sue Parrish

Monday 1st June at 07:00 am as promised to my son Scott we are out for a fantastic Monday run. Superb clear running conditions (you can’t get better than this guys), we headed up to “Maddy Woods” meeting the occasional dog walker and ensuring we “socially distance”.  Certain I saw Rich, SRC approaching The Common for his personal run :runner:?!

Blue skies and a beautiful poppy field to the right, we headed up to The Black Barn. Very dusty and hard mud conditions under foot – very grateful for my new padded running trainers!

Chose to attack the “huge hill” to my right – needs to be done :white_check_mark: due to “lockdown madness” and hills will improve PBs as Nick and Kevin advise me.  My son will be doing the hill when he is ready.  I am sending you a picture of me at the TOP of the hill. Woo Hoo!!

It was then all downhill from the woods to The Common.  Very steady run down hill and a couple of trucks passed us throwing up the dust.

Back home for 09:00am – my son has improved his running and his mood has really uplifted. So great to see how the running is benefiting him.

Guys get out there, spoil yourselves :muscle:and get a steady RUN for yourselves!
Loving the green spaces and beauty of the Shrewton countryside. :woman-running::skin-tone-4::man-running::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::boom:

We love this Sue… Keep up the good work