SRC “On tour” – Vale of Pewsey

By Fiona Jackson

On a quiet Sunday morning in Early February a group of intrepid Shrewton runners decided to venture out of the village and head up to the beautiful Vale of Pewsey for a little adventure.

“As we arrived in the car park we could feel the blustery winds buffeting the car. Emerging from the comfort of our vehicles we felt the full force of the gusts. Unfortunately we had chosen the most exposed ridge in Wiltshire for todays outing and not only that,  our route took us bang into the wind! Luckily the uphill gradient kept conversation and complaints to a minimum whilst warming us all up nicely.

On reaching the crest of the ridge we were rewarded with the 20 knot winds increasing to 30 knot gusts and what had seemed like a flat ridge appeared to have an uphill slant! “

Luckily the Shrewton runners are made of sterner stuff. They dug deep and soldiered on towards the top of Milk Hill , one of the highest points in Wiltshire. The 360 degrees views are spectacular, (on a good day) but Tall Tim from Tilshead (recently renamed Bob from Bulford) was more concerned with not being blown away,

Whilst others were fighting to stay on their feet in the slippery mud and the steep inclines!

All our efforts were duly rewarded with the spectacular views of the White Horse and surrounding area.

Saving the best bit to last we retired to a popular local cafe, for a well earned fry up breakfast and a strong coffee.

Top effort Team Touring Shrewton Runners. Bring on the next adventure!

Thanks go to Nick and Fi for photos and the Honeystreet Cafe for saving the day.

Warm regards

Fiona Jackson