Throw Back Thursday – Roxy’s first Half

For this edition, we take a look at one of our founder members stepping up to the Half Marathon distance. Have a read of Roxy’s running story first….

My first half marathon by Roxanne Foster

Salisbury half marathon 1st Oct 17

Roxy at the Salisbury half

This was my first half marathon, in true fashion I signed up with a goal of under 3 hours.However in August I realised my ankle was not enjoying long runs so I had to have 4 weeks off training. I then began to worry I would be keeping all the marshals from sitting down at 6pm for their Sunday roast! The thought did cross my mind to opt out but instead I decided even if I finished last I would still have finished.

Race day – I was so unbelievably nervous – what if I was the last, or worse I couldn’t complete it, however with a few friendly faces at the start we were off! Passing all the coffee shops was too tempting!! Why am I doing this?? Then I spotted the supporters cheering and soon believed I could do this!! The first lap was fairly enjoyable although I’ve never realised how long Netherhampton road is!!

As I approached the half way point 1hr 10mins in, I was on target for under 3 hours brilliant I thought I’m going to make it, at that point the winner was crossing the line which I thought was crazy!! Well done mate but I’ve got to go again so off I went I managed another few miles until things started to hurt around the 10mile point. My fingers were swollen and from the hips down felt like a tonne of bricks, my way through this was to talk to people who were feeling the same we reminded each other there were only 3 miles left.

From the 10 mile point I did attempt to run a few times but it just wasn’t happening so a power walk was the only option so off I went! It wasn’t long until I had caught up with the Help for Heroes bear there was no way I was being beaten by a man in a boiling hot costume. Luckily for me the bear had to stop on the final bit so I could over take!! The finish line was a relief!! It hurt and I experienced so many emotions on the route it was unreal, a constant battle of you can’t do this, yes you can keep going! If you think you can’t do it you can! I now have a time of 2.45 which is a time to beat but next time I will do more training!!