1k @5k5 – Training Session Review

By Lawrence Kaile

During Lockdown I had put a few pounds on and needed to find a goal. I had looked in the accountability mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t want any pressure and initially thought I would stick to some gentle jogging and keep it low key. How wrong could I be?

After a few weeks of following the C25k plan, some early morning runs and sticking to some cross training, I started to notice some gains.

The biggest thing I noticed was that feeling you get after exercising. The ‘Endorphine Rush’. Why had I left it so long? I was loving it so much I started to look at interval training again and thought I would give it a go with my club.

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Hullavington 5k 2020 Race review

By Darrell Benge

Hullavington 5k The return to racing.

When I saw that entries were open for a 5k race at Hullavington I thought it an ideal opportunity to get back out racing for the first time since lockdown. With the entry done pre-race information was emailed consisting of COVID guidelines and a list of start times with waves of runners starting at minute intervals. The website also had photos, profile and a map of the route and details of race HQ.

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My C25k review

By Samantha Hill

I first joined Shrewton Running Club (SRC) in 2017, when I joined in with the very first C25K sessions.

I used to run as a child at school and competed in inter-school competitions for long distance running. I picked up running again in 2007 after the birth of the second child and would run a bit with a friend. However, when I started at the running club I hadn’t really ran for quite a few years. 

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Throw Back Thursday – Solstice Run 21 June 2017

This time 3 years ago we ran our first Solstice Run. Its not an official club event but our members usually get together each year and organise a social run…

Sadly the Stones will not be open due to Coronavirus – We would of had a great time.

Solstice 2017Solstice run 2017

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