Jubilee 5k Dash

In celebration of Her Majesty and her Platinum Jubilee we held our popular Dash 5k event. Runners were handicapped against their recent 5k PB’s and started in reverse order.

A cracking day where all finishers and volunteers received a medal, but most of all we had a great time.

Jubilee DashJubilee Dash

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1k @5k5 – Training Session Review

By Lawrence Kaile

During Lockdown I had put a few pounds on and needed to find a goal. I had looked in the accountability mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t want any pressure and initially thought I would stick to some gentle jogging and keep it low key. How wrong could I be?

After a few weeks of following the C25k plan, some early morning runs and sticking to some cross training, I started to notice some gains.

The biggest thing I noticed was that feeling you get after exercising. The ‘Endorphine Rush’. Why had I left it so long? I was loving it so much I started to look at interval training again and thought I would give it a go with my club.

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