Training Sessions

Current Training Sessions

Due to Corona Virus we are in phase three of a restricted return. We are currently operating a flexible return to accommodate your needs, whilst strictly following guidance from government and England Athletics. Please feel free to contact us and discuss a session.

All sessions start from Shrewton Rec. Car Park

During these runs there is always one or two members leading. No one is left behind or pressurised to keep up. There will be options to drop-out and head home for those not wanting to complete the full run.

Tuesdays @ 18:30

An informal, social run from the rec Car Park.

Wednesdays @ 18:30

  • Training session
  • Rotating through training calendar
  • Social run offered every third week


Several members regularly complete the Salisbury Parkrun so there is usually a lift to be found. Our Parkrun stats have their own page.

Registration for Parkrun is free and always remember take your barcode.

Sundays @ 09:00

Meet at 09:00 for longer runs of varying distances.

Occasionally we may drive to other locations for a change of scenery!