Training Sessions

Current Training Sessions

All sessions start from Shrewton Rec. Car Park

During these runs there is always one or two members leading. No one is left behind or pressurised to keep up. There will be options to drop-out and head home for those not wanting to complete the full run.

Wednesdays @ 18:30

(dependent on run leader availability) Your choice of:

  • a 3-5mile run, OR
  • training session consisting of warmup routine plus one session as below:

We are running training in blocks of 6 weeks followed by a How Am I Doing? session. See the Training Calendar for block dates.

Warmup routine (depends on session):1st lap using 4 sided lap of rec, brisk walk with exaggerated arms, getting faster with each side. Steady run last side.2nd lap: Side 1 long side-skip x 5 swop leading leg, another 5 etc. to end, side 2 short side 10 high knees, then 10 butt kicks to end, 20 secs fast run on spot at corner. Side 3 long side, grapevine swopping lead legs every 5 with 30 secs fast run on spot at corner. Side 4 short side fast run.

One of the following:

Timed mileApprox. 5k run followed by optional timed mile.
George Smith’s pyramid
Warmup. 30sec, 1min, 2min, 4min, 2min, 1min, 30sec sprints up and back down George Smith’s track.

(Repeat twice.)
Highfield hill reps.
90 secs. run up hill, jog down to start.
(Repeat 10 times.)
Flat Sprint Reps.
Sprint out 400m, rest 15s, sprint back.
Sprint out 200m, rest 15s, sprint back.
Sprint out 100m, rest 15s, sprint back.
(Repeat 3 times.)
Note: All runners stop and turn to return when first person reaches the farthest point.
6 mins steady pace.
2 mins. fast pace.
2mins. fast walk/jog (lead runners turn back to join main group)(Repeat 4 times.)
Lawrence’s fast pyramid
Warm up down Tanners Lane then The Common repeats doing this…

0:30 fast, 1 min steady
0:45 fast, 1min steady
1:00 fast, 1min steady
1:15 fast, 1min steady
1:30 fast, 1min steady
1:15 fast, 1min steady
1:00 fast, 1min steady
0:45 fast, 1min steady
0:30 fast, 1min steady

Repeat x2 would be 40 min run

Fast groups to run back to slower groups during 1min steady.

Hollow Threshold
Dynamic warmup
Easy jog round Shrewton Mile
5 x 3min up the Hollow @ RPE 5-6 with very easy jog back down and regroup.
5 x 30sec @ RPE 9-10 Tanners Lane with very easy jog back and regroup.
Super easy Shrewton Mile to cool down.

RPE (rate of percieved exertion) is a subjective measure of your effort in a run or session. A good 1-10 scale is found at British Cycling.


Several members regularly complete the Salisbury Parkrun so there is usually a lift to be found. Our Parkrun stats have their own page.

Registration for Parkrun is free and always remember take your barcode.

Sundays @ 09:00

Meet at 09:00 for longer runs of varying distances.

Occasionally we may drive to other locations for a change of scenery!