Couch 2 5k

This might be the most resilient we’ve had so far?

  • Nearly completed in March
  • Course suspended due to pandemic
  • Little or no running during lockdown
  • Restarted with SD restrictions
  • Graduation route far from the promised “Flat” Parkrun.

Despite the challenges we had through the last 8 weeks, we never stopped smiling and having fun. At times this might have been through gritted teeth, but one thing shone through….

We are a team and will succeed.

Well done everyone and welcome to the world of Run-Fun.

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C25k Week 5 update

Well over half way now C25K-ers … Week 5 completed in style. So impressed with how far you’ve come, you might not see it yourselves, but as your run leaders ran between you all, we can see how much easier it seems for you 🙂

You’re well on your way to graduating in style 🙂 Whilst I don’t wish to nag … you know what’s coming next … DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. See you all next week!