Lockdown Blog

Week 4

Started the week with a run out with Cheryl and I found that slow runs hurt more, something to do with my running style perhaps. Looks like more rest was needed so stuck with gentle walks and some more home workouts.

Week 5 

With the knee feeling a little better and some lovely weather we went for a nice long walk up past Maddington woods. I thought it was a lovely route for a run so did the it each way over the next two days.

I had been missing out on the weekly training sessions so did one of my own, using the Gear Changer from the club website, up and down Tanners Lane.

At the end of that week was the 2.6 challenge in replacement for the postponed London Marathon. Cheryl and I ran a 2.6 mile loop on the Saturday which gave me a total aof 26k for that week .

Sunday morning, I re-ran the route in club colours 

DarrellDarrell Benge