Lockdown Blog

Week 2

Orcheston St. George

Lawrences challenges have been fun and I’ve done a few to keep things interesting. The photo challenges have been great giving us a chance to explore our village trying to identify the different locations. Cheryl and I set out to find one. I had a fair idea of its location on a nice route through Orcheston

Later that week Cheryl and I once again set out for a run through Orcheston which always challenges with some good climbs, but we kept going and returned to the village to complete Cheryl’s first ever 5k! very timely as the couch to 5k were due to graduate at the parkrun that Saturday.

Week 3

The following week Jane Baxter set a virtual run following a lovely 14k route out through Orcheston up Viagra Hill out onto the plain returning back via Westdown camp and Greenlands camp to the village. Nick and I both took up the challenge. I passed Nick on Elston Lane returning from his run as I was on my way out for mine. It was going nicely, a lovely morning for a run on the plain, but my knee didn’t feel the same way and started to complain about the hard-rutted tracks. I even considered giving Cheryl a call to come and get me as I crossed the A360 but was bloody minded enough to keep going and it felt a little better on the hard tracks coming back into the village. So I continued to complete the route and added a loop to make it 10 miles, my longest ever run. That I was really happy with, what I was less happy with was my knee, we set out for a walk to the shop that evening but could only go a short distance. 

It was time for some proper rest. Still being off work, it was disappointing not to be able to use the time for some decent runs.

I still needed to keep active so did some cardio sessions thanks to Instagram and trilife_tw workouts and some more Yoga, and after a few days managed to add some walks to at least escape the house.

By the end of the week I did a steady 3k just to give the knee a try out.