Yarnbury Yomp 2022

Good luck to everyone starting off the WORL tomorrow at the Brinkworth Bash. Race hard and be awesome.

We hope you all have a great day and can’t wait to meet you for our race (WORL #5)

Yarnbury Yomp

A Bustard of a Run

By Kevin Ford

New Race for WORL

After the success of our Yarnbury Yomp 10k race and the connection we have with the Great Bustard Group, plans were put into action for a Sunday morning run on Salisbury Plain to see the Great Bustards “in the feather” so to speak.

The day arrived with not a single cloud in the crystal blue sky; a slight easterly breeze reminded you winter had not yet closed its doors.

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A busy and fun few weeks for Shrewton Running Club.