Pewsey Stripped Back Bustard 5 – Event Review by Andy A.

rain out of car windscreen

2nd August 2017

“So why am I doing this, exactly?”  I’m sure this a question we’ve all asked ourselves from time to time. In my case it usually coincides with dragging myself out of bed at stupid o’clock in the morning to go on a training run. However, this time was different. It was a Wednesday evening, I’d just left the M4 heading south to Pewsey, I was late, I had yet to register, I’d almost run out of fuel and it was raining. A lot. Continue reading “Pewsey Stripped Back Bustard 5 – Event Review by Andy A.”

My first half marathon by Roxanne Foster

team shrewton

Salisbury half marathon 1st Oct 17

Roxy at the Salisbury half
Me looking like I’m enjoying it

This was my first half marathon, in true fashion I signed up with a goal of under 3 hours.However in August I realised my ankle was not enjoying long runs so I had to have 4 weeks off training. I then began to worry I would be keeping all the marshals from sitting down at 6pm for their Sunday roast! The thought did cross my mind to opt out but instead I decided even if I finished last I would still have finished. Continue reading “My first half marathon by Roxanne Foster”