Throw Back Thursday – Run-Fun Day – 2020

For this edition we take a look back at Darrells review of our Run-Fun Day last year. It’s always a great day and after months of Lockdown it was just the tonic we all needed:

Run-Fun Day – 2020

By Darrell Benge

On the evening of the 9th of September lots of current club runners and quite a few new faces came together for an evening of ‘running’ and other types of general silliness.

Four of the clubs Run Leaders each came up with an activity. The evening commenced with a warm-up led by Karen. It resembled something from Monty Pythons Ministry of Silly Walks with everyone bouncing, bobbing, and skipping their way up and down Shrewton Rec field, all looking thoroughly ridiculous but getting nice and warm for the next session.

This led into Darrell’s Indian File exercise with the group split into four teams of 5 people. Each team started on a side of a 400m circuit. At a point on each side, a passing place had been laid out. Everyone circulated round, with each team in a line. As they passed the passing point the rear runner had to sprint to the front of the line.

The session was done once each runner had a couple of turns at the front and everyone had done approximately 1k.

Next, we all gathered for Lawrence’s session, Walking the Plank. We all had the pleasure of 3 different Planks held for a minute each, Spiderman, Side and Front…

We were rewarded for a successful completion of each minutes Planking by a rather terrible pirate joke. At the end of the session there was a tot of rum available to perk us up ready for the next session….. Rum-Fun had been created!

As a final flourish to finish the evening Kevin subjected us to a Bleep Test. For anyone unfamiliar with this pleasure, we form a line and then run to another line 20m away. The aim: To run to the line in time to a BEEP which increased in frequency each time….. A great challenge for everyone. Steadily the numbers dwindled, until the last man standing at the end was Moss. Fantastic effort!

A brilliant social evening finished of with some beer and cake!

Best way to stay safe?

Get fit and have fun.

Karen’s Ministry of Silly walks